The issue of “repressed memory” is one of the most troubling issues that a sex abuse lawyer encounters on a regular basis in the courtroom. Unfortunately, many innocent individuals have been imprisoned as a result of this popular psychological theory gone awry, and it is still a reality today. If you are looking for more tips, check out Boca Raton Sex Abuse Lawyer

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the concept of repressed memories became popular. What began as a fad in the entertainment industry spilled over into the legal profession, becoming a problem that a sex abuse attorney deals with on a regular basis. When a woman seeks treatment and her counsellor assists her in “discovering” prior experiences of sexual abuse, repressed recollections are common. She could be dealing with a lot of challenges, and he thinks that her difficulty to establish relationships could be due to a history of sexual assault, which she recalls to the counselor’s delight.

The problem with “repressed memory” is that it has legal validity when a sex abuse lawyer confronts it. The patient receives validation and attention from the counsellor, which establishes the account as evidence for a sex abuse lawyer to deal with. The patient is under duress because of events that occurred decades ago, and he or she is understandably upset. Counselors were obligated to alert authorities in these cases under laws enacted in the 1980s, who would then create cases against totally innocent persons.

People who appeared to be perfectly normal required the assistance of a sex abuse lawyer. Fortunately, in the 1990s, the idea of “repressed memory” began to be debunked. Many counsellors and child psychologists were sceptical of the hypothesis, and prosecutors were wary of pursuing them. Even today, as a sex abuse attorney will come across it from time to time, it is still an issue.

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