Not everyone convicted of committing a violent crime is actually guilty of it. Many times, people have been dragged into courtrooms for no apparent reason. Fairfax Violent Crime Lawyer has some nice tips on this. A violent crime lawyer’s duty is to ensure that their clients are handled with greater dignity and discretion.

And when the case goes to court, a professional and trustworthy criminal law attorney will assist a convicted person in fighting his case. Court proceedings can be extremely messy, as well as convoluted, time-consuming, and damaging to one’s credibility. If their defence counsel will help them show the soundness of their defence early on, clients can avoid tension and social stigma. Pre-file investigation will help with this.

Pre-file investigation refers to the stage in which a criminal defence attorney represents a defendant at an early stage of the criminal proceedings, before the prosecutor files formal charges. The violent crime lawyer may use a number of tools to gather facts and evidence to help his client’s defence at this time. Psychiatrists, polygraph testers, forensic analysts, computer or Internet experts, and other authority can be consulted by the defence lawyer.

The primary goal is to keep the criminal case from being lodged and taken to court. The defence attorney can do this in one of two ways: by bolstering his client’s reputation or by discrediting the victim’s claim. The client’s reputation may be bolstered by revealing positive private polygraph results or delivering letters of recommendation from reputable individuals such as community leaders, religious leaders, teachers, or associates. Defense attorneys can also challenge the victim’s complaint credibility by exposing unsubstantiated claims made by the victim against others or by calling witnesses to call into question the victim’s character and the validity of the claim.

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