Dermatology is an area of medicine devoted to the skin. It is actually a speciality with both clinical and non-clinical aspects involved. A dermatologist is usually a specialized medical doctor who deals with diseases generally related to the skin, hair, nails and any other skin-related problem. If you are looking for more tips, check out English Dermatology San Tan Valley

Dermatologists have vast experience in this field having a strong connection to the scientific community. Dermatology departments are constantly on the look out for new information and new technologies that might help in the furtherance of dermatological research and treatment. This is actually a big business, as people go to dermatologists for different kinds of skin-related problems. Skin diseases are divided into two broad categories, the primary category of disorders affecting the epidermis and the secondary category of disorders and diseases affecting the lymphatic system and subcutaneous organs. The most common primary skin-related ailment is Acne vulgaris, which affects almost all human beings at some stage of their life. Apart from acne, another common ailment is psoriasis which affects people belonging to various ethnic groups.

Dermatology also includes a sub-field called immunodermatology which basically deals with problems that are related to the immune system. In immunodermatology, the main focus is to investigate the role of immunity and the various immune modalities involved in it such as vaccines, infections and allergies. Apart from dermatology and immunodermatology, there is a growing field called forensic science which studies diseases which are caused by diseases other than skin-related like warts, genital warts, lice and bacteria.

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