If you are a new notary signing and also the owner of a notary business, you should first learn about Vinverification. By now, most likely you have already established that your business is nothing but a legal document-selling, notarizing, and the like-and that the transactions you undertake as a notary are indeed legal ones. One thing that you have to understand is the difference between a typical notary signing and vinverification. So what is the difference between these two? VinVerification has some nice tips on this.

Basically, in a typical transaction, you are supposed to be paid for your services by the person who wishes to take a notarial oath. But with vinverification, you are being paid for your services as a notary public and it is the notary public that verifies the signatures on the documents that he receives from his clients. However, a notary business does not earn any money by receiving or providing notarization services. The money that he earns comes from the fees that he charges his customers for such services. So a notary public will have to get more than just the fee he receives, he has to make a profit somehow.

Basically, the people who use a notary signing service are people who do not trust the notaries in their area (the area where they live, for example) and so they want to get a notary who is not just a notary but is also a verifier. And in order to do that, they will pay an extra fee to the mobile notary public. And this is why you need vinverification even in a small town. You might be able to do well enough just by notarizing a few letters and doing a couple of other things, but if you want to be able to go up to big business, you should hire a mobile notary.

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