Joy was well aware that she should look forward to her senior years. She had been preparing for the day when she would be able to leave work and never return.
Joy’s bucket list includes meeting her grandchildren, travelling across the country, and trying different cuisines. She also desired to reintroduce herself to the French language. She had taken numerous French classes in high school, but she couldn’t recall enough of the language to order from the menu. She thought about going to Paris and rekindling her passion with Roger. Get the facts about Senior Living

Roger and her had enormous plans for the future, but now he was gone, and she was on her own to decide out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Roger, Joy’s 45-year-old husband, had left her for a younger woman. When this happened, Joy was saddened, but she continued to work as a librarian at the local community college, which enabled her to forget about her grief.
Joy’s employment was nearing to a close, and the prospect of commencing her retirement was even more depressing. Her two-story house was becoming difficult to clean and maintain. She now pays the neighbour boy to mow the yard that she and Roger used to plant and take care of.
Now that the economy is in shambles, she believes that the house will not sell for a reasonable price, even if she wants to downsize.
So, where does Joy go from here? As she gazes out the window of her home, she ponders this question.
Joy’s experience is not unusual. Many seniors who once looked forward to senior life are now confronted with a new set of obstacles that did not exist for previous generations of seniors. There are more widowed or divorced seniors today than there were in the past.
Many seniors, as well as young people, have been hard struck by the economy. Because their 401Ks and IRAs have taken a hit, many seniors are working longer than they expected.
The majority of people look forward to retiring and spending their golden years with their loved ones. Some people experience unease, feel unprotected and unsafe, ignore their feelings, and stay unfeeling, while others appear excited to confront whatever awaits them. It’s genuinely a stage when no one knows how to react — whether to ignore it or embrace it. Whatever feelings one may be feeling or experiencing at this time, it is still necessary to believe and act as a senior citizen who is healthy and fit, even if they are ageing.
As a mature adult, planning a fantastic and interesting senior lifestyle can be entertaining and delightful. You get to write the dramatic and adventurous storyline as you plan the final chapter of your life.


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