Wood Plantation Shutters are constructed with thick horizontal wooden slats and a vertical wooden handle, which allows the shutters to be easily opened and closed. There are many benefits to wood plantation shutters for homeowners.Do you want to learn more? Visit check out



Wood plantation shutters or shutters of any type for that matter, allow increased security for your home. Most shutters allow homeowners to lock them from the inside, which increases security. You’ll experience a nice cozy feeling knowing there is more than a thin single sheet of glass separating you from the bad guys.

Energy Costs

Rising energy costs have been a nightmare over the last decade and there is no clear indicator they will drop any time soon. Our fading economy is causing a double whammy on the issue of energy savings… less money in our pockets and more money going out. You can reduce your spending on heating and cooling costs simply by having wood plantation shutters installed on the outside of your home.

Heat transfers through glass rather well, especially because it’s so thin. Having external shutters on your home creates a thick barrier of non-heat-conducting material between the scorching heat outside and the nice expensive cool air inside your home. You can reap similar benefits in the winter, as the exact opposite is true. Shutters will keep the heat in your home and the cold air out.


Wood plantation shutters are aesthetically appealing and will beautify the exterior of your home. By adding curb appeal to your home, you’re increasing its value. Wood Plantation shutters are a wise investment for more than just security and energy savings.

Information on Buying Wood Plantation Shutters

There is certainly no shortage of companies selling shutters to the general public. A simple web search will reveal tons of ads and pages. It’s unlikely any actual research on shutters can be accomplished online because of the vast numbers of retailers. However, research is a critical component before buying shutters. Not all shutters will provide the same benefits.

Many shutters are manufactured in one off, cookie cutter factories and are not guaranteed to fit your exact window tightly and securely. To gain the maximum benefit from shutters, you will want to ensure they are custom built to your actual windows and installed by knowledgeable pros.

Installing Shutters

Installation of shutters is no different than most other home improvement jobs. Unless you’re already a carpenter or general contractor, you’re best off leaving the installation to experienced knowledgeable professionals. Sure, you can probably install them yourself without drilling a hole straight through your wall, but then again, you might not be able to. Stick to what you know best which is, well, whatever it is you do for a living.


There are many benefits to having wood plantation shutters installed on your home. Take precautions to ensure you get the right style, size, and construction of the shutters you purchase. Leave installation to the pros if you’re not a bona fide handyman. Follow this humble advice and you’ll be able to sit back in your cool, comfy house, feeling safe and secure, while sipping iced tea and saving money. All thanks to your new wood plantation shutters.

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