Paintless Dent Repair refers to a procedure for removing small dents in the body of your car without the need for painting. As long as the paint surface remains intact, a wide array of damage can be fixed using paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repairs can even be utilized on steel and aluminum panels. This type of repair differs from traditional auto body repair in that it does not require the use of primer or paint to make an old car look like new again. Checkout Pdr near me.

For this type of repair to work properly, there are some basic pre-requisites. The damaged area must have adequate access to an electrical outlet and must be away from the body of the vehicle. In addition, an automobile paint sprayer must be located nearby to provide the paintless dent repair with an adequate flow of paint. To begin the repair process, the damaged area must be gently scraped along with any bent or damaged metal to expose the dent beneath it. A small amount of body filler may be required to fill in the dent before the primer is applied to help protect the new paint.

The best option for repairing small dents on your car’s panels is to contact a professional technician who will come to your location to take accurate measurements. From these measurements, a technician can determine the best area to begin painting. Once the painting process begins, the technician will use plastic impregnated filler in order to fill in the areas where paint was not successful. The technician will then carefully mix and apply the new paint. The new paint will bond to the damaged panels seamlessly to give you the appearance of having never experienced a dent at all.

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