For most preparation, using a treat as a reward for good behaviour works well. To keep your dog steady, you’ll need to tie a leash to his collar. Show your dog a treat in your hand and place it over his head, causing him to look up, then command him to sit. Occasionally, just putting the treat over his head will cause your dog to sit. If your dog refuses to sit, put your other hand on his back and gently press down while saying “Down”. If you are looking for more tips, check out Beverly Hills dog training

¬†When he sits, instantly reward him with the treat and compliment him by saying “Good Boy” in a happy voice and enthusiastically petting him to show him you are pleased with his response to your “Sit” order. It’s important to reward him right away after he answers correctly, so he understands why he’s being rewarded.

You will move on to the “Lie Down” command until your dog has mastered the “Wait” command. This is often accomplished with the aid of a treat. To begin, ask your dog to “Sit.” Do not reward him for sitting by giving him a treat. You should have a treat in your hand and keep it in front of him, really low to the floor, and say “Lie Down” when he is sitting.

If possible, put your other hand on your dog’s shoulders and gently push down until he falls asleep, or gently pull on his leash downward. If your dog has laid down, instantly reward him with a treat and say “Good Boy” in a cheerful tone while vigorously petting him to show him you are pleased with his response to your “Lay Down” order. The sound of your voice is crucial in conveying your satisfaction with your pet’s response to your command.

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