If you were injured in an accident, you might be considering hiring an auto injury lawyer. There are 3 things you need to check before you hire a personal injury claims lawyer. The first thing is their…

  1. Experience

By far the most important thing to look for in an auto injury lawyer is their experience. Experienced car injury attorneys understand what it takes to win you a high insurance settlement. They know how much your injuries are worth, how to deal with the insurance companies, how to negotiate higher settlements, how to take your claim to trial etc. For more details click auto injury lawyer in Houston.

In addition, an experienced auto injury attorney will have strong relationships within the legal and insurance industry. The combination of personal experience and internal connections within these industries separate the good auto injury lawyers from the great ones.

However, finding the most experienced car injury attorney is not enough. You must also search for one with the right experience. This means your accident attorney should have experience dealing with injury cases that are similar to yours.

If you suffered a severe back injury, hiring an accident lawyer who specializes in whiplash settlements will not help you. Even if that attorney has 25 years of experience. The next thing you should look for is…

  1. Communication

One of the signs of a great auto injury lawyer is how well they communicate with you. Most people want to know the details of their personal injury insurance claim. They want to understand how the insurance claims process works, how their attorney will fight their case, how will the insurance company calculate their final injury settlement etc.

Communication is always a sign of understanding and intelligence. Although the entire claims process can be complex, it is the job of your injury attorney to simplify and explain the process to you. A car accident lawyer who cannot clearly explain the details of your injury claim, without resorting to legal jargon, is not qualified to help you win a high insurance settlement. The final thing you should look for are the….

  1. Legal Fees

Most accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you will only pay the attorney if you win a settlement. The contingency fee is typically a percentage of your final insurance settlement. Typically, an injury claims lawyer take one-third of your settlement.

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