Bed bugs, like any creature that prefers to reside in your home over the wide outside, present us with an issue that may be addressed in a variety of ways. These methods include everything from a simple home remedy to a costly professional service and everything in between. It all comes down to “pest management” and how to deploy a service or product in the most effective method for our specific situation. For more details click University Place Bed Bugs Pest Control.

With the exception of cockroaches, insects are rather easy to get rid of if you follow a specific programme that includes elimination, cleaning, and prevention.

Elimination is self-explanatory; it simply implies that you must eliminate the bed bugs by whatever means necessary. It used to be that we’d all reach for harsh chemicals like a bottle of RAID from the grocery store. Some insects may see a reduction in population as a result of this, but not all. If you have a huge bed bug infestation, you’ll need to utilise a combination of attack methods, including traps, sprays, deterrents, and more. If you simply have a few that have appeared on a tiny piece of furniture, a spray mixed with a deterrent solution like Bed Defense can often keep them away.

Everyone should be aware of the importance of cleaning. Insects dislike clean environments, which makes them quite simple to identify. Cleaning also involves the use of the clothes dryer, which is a bed bug’s biggest enemy. Remove all of your bedding, couch cushions, and everything else that will fit in your washing and dryer. While this is going on, clean your entire house completely, vacuum and disinfect whatever you can, clear out clutter like filthy laundry piles, and temporarily move heavy pieces of furniture around so you can get beneath them. Bed bug deterrents should be placed under furniture, and traps should be placed at the bottom of bed/table legs.


Deterrent solutions, combined with a weekly cleaning schedule, are the best approach to avoid repeat outbreaks. Deterrents should be placed under furniture and between the mattress and box spring. Because you don’t want anything harmful around your children or pets, using all-natural ones is the best alternative. Look for something that is made entirely of natural substances.

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