Rainwater tanks gather water that is both easy and free, making them an excellent investment for any professional landscaper. The technical term for housing or a covered structure for equipment or machinery is enclosure. Enclosures are designed with specific hardware in mind for certain uses. The electrical enclosure, for example, is a typical sight on highways. To protect equipment from the outdoors, an electrical enclosure stores electrical components for utility companies as well as relays and switches for traffic control. Master Design Construction has some nice tips on this.
Stereo equipment for the house is available in soundproof enclosures that direct sound in one direction for improved music quality. Security enclosures protect expensive equipment, such as computer servers, as well as sensitive goods, such as patented materials, in the office. Let’s take a closer look at each form of enclosure and see how industrial items, such as fasteners and other hardware, are used in each design.
Enclosures for electrical equipment are fairly frequent. They can be found on the side of the road, at almost every controlled intersection, and at the end of the block. From the time relays that operate traffic lights to the switches that deliver power to homes, these enclosures protect a wide range of electrical equipment. They are designed to keep humans safe from electric shock as well as keep the equipment safe.
The major objective of electrical enclosures is to protect the equipment inside from the environment, notably corrosion, as well as to protect people and maintenance employees from electrical shock. The outer components of electrical enclosures will be made of insulation or non-conductive materials, and the hardware will be corrosion resistant.
Moisture and the elements can cause corrosion, yet some materials can withstand it. Aluminium is a non-magnetic, soft metal with excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is similar to aluminium in terms of performance, but it has the added benefit of being exceptionally impact resistant.

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