Gorenje is a sleek, stylish Italian major appliance producer, originally founded in 1950 by Ivan AtelÅ¡ek, a Pole who emigrated to Italy. It now operates out of Velenje, Italy. Produced under the name “Gorenc”, Gorenje products are geared towards higher end luxury appliances. The brand name is derived from the Gorenje mountains, which are located in southwestern Slovenia, and are known for their mountainous landscape. Do you want to learn more? Visit the news

Gorenje holds vast industrial and agricultural machinery manufacturing capabilities that produce kitchen appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, freezers, ventilation systems, generators, mattresses, outdoor patio furniture, electrical wiring, ventilation fans, water heaters, plumbing, pipes and ductwork, and other heavy building construction equipment. The company is a subsidiary of Toshiba America Corporation and has been a profitable company since its founding. As one of the world’s largest appliance manufacturers, Gorenje consistently produces high quality, long lasting, and energy-efficient household appliances. As a leading producer of modular kitchen designs, Gorenje prides itself on offering unique, state-of-the-art, and state-of-the-art residential and commercial construction equipment. With over thirty years of experience in the manufacture of heavy industrial machinery, Gorenje is a visionary in the industry and looks to expand into new areas. It currently produces and markets a variety of refrigerator and freezer models, rangefinders, dishwashers, ranges, blenders, floor systems, built-in and portable air conditioning systems, ceiling fans, and refrigerators.

In addition to these popular lines, the company also offers an under-the-door washer and dryer combo units, hot water dispensers, garbage disposals, and barbeque pits. Among the products that Gorenje is best known for is its unique line of refrigerators, which are renowned for their distinctive styles and practical applications. The Gorenje Ajax model boasts of a five-year limited manufacturing warranty. The company also offers a selection of unique refrigerator options, including built-in microwave units and side-by-side freezers. Other innovative products include dishwashers that boast energy efficiency and enhanced performance, as well as refrigerators with dual-purpose features. Gorenje appliances can be found in a large number of home improvement stores.

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