If there is interference in the spinal segments or “joints” (known as a Subluxation), the Nerves are unable to fully transmit the Brain’s messages to the rest of the body.This is why, like exercise, chiropractic therapy is a lifelong preventative and maintenance practise. Your spine and body are constantly exposed to stimuli that wreak havoc on your nervous system and overall body. Chemical (alcohol, bad diet, drugs, smoke, etc.), mental (depression, anxiety, fury, tension, resentment, etc.), and, of course, physical stressors all exist (falling, moving, bending, twisting, sitting, etc.) All of these pressures force your body to adjust, generating interference in your spinal column, leading bones to become “stuck,” causing wear and strain on joints and “pinching” nerves. For more details click West Knoxville Chiropractor.

Most of the time, you won’t even realise there is interference until late in the process, when symptoms begin to appear (but the cause has always been there). Pain and symptoms appear late in the disease process, and health is not synonymous with the absence of pain or illness. The preservation of HEALTH is health (staying healthy and taking care of it). Let’s imagine a nerve leading to your heart is 50 percent obstructed (the weight of a quarter on a nerve causes 50 percent interference WOW).

It’s like getting a phone call where you can only hear half of what the other person is saying (you may have experienced this). Just like you can’t get the entire message from the person on the other end of the line, the Heart can’t obtain all of the information it needs from the Brain in order to do its job fully and perfectly. Let’s say it’s a 75 percent or 99 percent communication rate. Articles that can be reprinted for free, I don’t know about you, but anything less than 100% makes me uncomfortable, since just like in life, when communication is weak, things start to go wrong.

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