A marijuana dispensary, marijuana store, or pot cooperative is a place where marijuana is legally sold for medicinal or recreational use, but not purchased by the consumer. In the United States these are commonly known as marijuana stores. In the Netherlands they are known as kroppies, and in Canada as marijuana dispensaries.Learn more at  Dispensaries

In many jurisdictions across the United States marijuana dispensaries are fronts for illegal drug activity, the sale of which is also controlled by the laws against marijuana sales. In California for example, there are currently three medical marijuana dispensary Laws that have been passed in the state of California. The Medical cannabis dispensary Law or Medical marijuana dispensary Regulation Act allows patients who have qualified conditions to purchase and use medical marijuana legally from designated licensed California pharmacies. Although these laws are in effect in the state of California, the voters are under no obligation to support them, nor are they being forced to use them. This makes California the only state in the country to have such laws in effect.

If a recreational user lives in another state that has either a Medical marijuana dispensary Law or a Medical cannabis Regulation Act, he can apply to have it legalized there. He can petition the state legislature to have similar legislation passed in his home state, and if it is passed he can open a marijuana dispensary in his state and operate it under the same licensing scheme as the medical marijuana dispensary operators who operate in California. However, marijuana dispensaries cannot personally provide marijuana to any person who is legally allowed to possess it, and can only keep a minimal amount of cannabis on hand for personal use by their registered customers. The retail distribution of cannabis is strictly against the law, and anyone who violates this law is subject to criminal prosecution. All marijuana dispensary Laws can be found online.

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