What are the legal requirements for a Crime Scene Cleanup Company? While there’s no industry standard for establishing a crime scene cleanup business, there are both local and state licenses and permits needed to do certified commercial business. You’ll need liability insurance, business license, bonding and payroll taxes, as well as a state and federal Employers Liability Act. Some states don’t require licensing or permits; others do. Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup Companies has some nice tips on this.


As a professional crime scene cleanup companies you should be experienced in bio extraction techniques and know how to safely and effectively remove biohazard materials. You should also be able to work in cold environments, wet conditions and hazardous work environments. You should have satisfactory references and, of course, a clean bill of health. If you’ve never cleaned a large-scale crime scene, you may want to work with a small consulting company that can provide you with experience and guidance as you establish your business. There are also many other resources on the internet that can help you get started. Check them out.

After assessing your educational, work experience, and criminal record, you should then submit your application for state certification. The application process varies by state, so check yours to make sure you’ve submitted all the right paperwork. The next step is to wait. Some states take up to ninety days to review your application. Once your application has been approved, you will receive your certificate of completion and begin working – just like a normal cleanup.

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