The Fitness Center is an all-inclusive, health, social, and community-based facility geared toward sports, exercise, and other cardiovascular-based activities. A successful center will accommodate both the professional athlete and the casual recreation user. Many activities include organized, team sports like tennis, badminton, volleyball, ping pong, aerobics, dance, soccer, basketball, field hockey, softball, track and field, and fitness based martial arts. Some centers offer competitive fitness programs that utilize the use of equipment including treadmills, exercise bicycles, elliptical machines, free weights, kettlebells, and balance boards. Coquitlam Gym offers excellent info on this.
Health clubs and gyms are now taking on a new role as an integral part of a person’s overall wellness plan. Health clubs provide many of the same types of exercise and workout opportunities found in a fitness center but also have access to a wide variety of medical professionals and facilities that can help address specific health goals. For instance, a health club would have the capability to offer a full service weight loss and cardio workouts, along with dieticians and nutrition specialists that can help individuals shed unwanted pounds, while keeping their bodies healthy and balanced. Also, a well-equipped health club would include meeting rooms and boardrooms with state of the art technology and furniture.
Some of the services offered by a Fitness Center would include appointment scheduling for in-office or round the clock emergency care, medical detox services, medical billing and insurance claims processing; private or group patient room rental; individual counseling and therapy; CPR and First Aid training; personalized fitness and nutrition plans; gym memberships; and convenient monthly payment options including cash, debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid business checks. Fitness Center services would also include equipment rental for personal training, in house yoga and Pilates classes, in house Pilates classes, circuit training, swimming lessons, personal training, tennis and squash courts, childcare centers, party facilities, game rooms, and an on site restaurant. Many gyms and fitness centers offer specialized courses in everything from Yoga and Pilates to tennis and badminton. Also, many offer specialty classes such as prenatal fitness classes, teen fitness programs, group classes for kids, senior fitness programs, weight loss centers, dance studios, indoor rock climbing walls, and full body workouts. Gyms are often equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities, which include televisions, water fountains, exercise bikes and treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise pools, free weights, saunas, steam rooms, step machines, free weights and recumbent cycles.

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