Carpet cleaning is often performed to get rid of dirt, stains, and other allergens in carpets. Common techniques used for carpet cleaning include dry-cleaning, steam cleaning, and vacuum cleaning. Carpet Cleaning has some nice tips on this. Dry cleaning uses detergents and chemicals that are usually water based, while steam cleaning involves high temperatures to remove soil and stains. Vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning upholstery, drapery, upholstered furniture, rugs, carpet edges, and other areas that are difficult to reach with cleaning fluids. Carpet cleaning services can help in all the areas mentioned above.

A dry cleaning session removes soil and grime from carpet using a chemical compound or detergent, while a steam cleaning session uses heated water and a solvent. The dry cleaning method makes use of a machine that sprays the cleaning solution onto the carpet, which is then agitated by a rotary brush. Dirt, grease, mold, and mildew will be removed, as well as soil and debris that are not removed by the brushing. A stain sealant may also be applied to prevent any future stains from setting into the carpet. It dries to a point where vacuuming it may be desirable, although a mildew extractor may be necessary to reduce any odors.

Carpet cleaning services utilize different techniques to achieve the desired results. In wet cleaning, carpets are soaked and then thoroughly rinsed with a solution of soap and water, then dried with a solvent. Stains and dirt are easily removed in this method. The hot water extraction method is similar to the dry cleaning technique, except it involves more water and cleans larger stains and dirt particles. Carpets exposed to flood waters usually need a combination of both the dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods to completely remove the stain or dirt.

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