1) The real estate agent. A top-notch real estate agent is on the speed dial of every successful investor. They may be able to give you with useful information about your unique markets. You can start there if you already have other real estate investing contacts. Inquire about the great realtors with whom they deal; keep in mind that they may be hesitant to reveal their good contacts, but it’s worth a shot. Another option is to drive around the market or places you’re interested in and look for realtor signs. Do you think they’re familiar with the neighbourhood and market? (Alternatively, go “old school” and conduct some online realtor searches by zip code.) Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville┬áhas some nice tips on this.
2) The Moneylender. You may require one of these. Making this relationship long before you have your first deal in sight is a smarter strategy. You should “interview” a few bankers, telling them about your goals and needs and gauging their level of interest and risk tolerance. Local or regional banks are generally easier to work with. Some of them still believe in the relationship they’ve built with their customers.
The third party is the contractor. Finding a good contractor is crucial, and finding one with a diverse set of abilities is even more critical. A contractor that performs only some of the work and outsources the rest is inefficient and expensive. It’s not like you’re restoring high-end custom homes, so a do-it-all contractor works best whether you’re patching up a property to flip or hold on to.
4) The Business Partner. You might not be able to take down every deal on your own. It’s nice to have a pre-agreed cooperation strategy in place with a reliable person to work with before an opportunity arises. If you come across a must-do project that is monetarily out of reach, you might enlist the help of your spouse to complete it. Would you want a hundred percent of nothing or fifty percent of something?
5) The Coach. This is a member of your team who is frequently forgotten. Why take the chance of making rookie mistakes? There are plenty of people out there who have developed a successful real estate career over the years and would welcome the opportunity to share what they’ve learned with the newcomers. You can start by asking any of the first four team members above for names of potential mentors, or you can join your local real estate investment club and meet some new people.
This is by no means a full list, but these are the pillars of a successful practise in my opinion. And loyalty is the key to all of these connections. After all, who wants a business relationship with someone who shops every deal every time? Build strong bonds with each person of your team; eventually, they’ll understand how you work and what you’re looking for. Over time, each encounter with them will become smoother and more efficient, and everyone will benefit!

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