Assisted living services are a type of long-term care facility that can provide the services of nurses, therapists, and others to help those who need them. These services include cleaning, laundry, meals provided, and medical assistance. An assisted living home or assisted living center is usually a residential facility designed for people with certain disabilities or for elderly individuals who choose not to live by themselves. Assisted Living has some nice tips on this. Assisted living homes are not designed for patients to be alone, but to work alongside their medical and rehabilitation specialists.


 years, assisted living facilities were solely for the elderly, but with the increase of both age and disability, many people requiring this type of assistance now seek treatment as well. This is why medical and rehabilitation specialists often work together when it comes to finding assisted living facilities for their patients. They will discuss one’s medications, the extent of one’s recovery, and any special needs or lifestyle issues that are unique to the patient. It is then the responsibility of the doctor and the rehabilitation specialist to match an individual’s needs with one that best fits his or her current circumstances.

Medical conditions that often require one to seek the aid of an assisted living facility include physical disabilities, such as arthritis or diabetes; mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or schizophrenia; and other medical conditions, such as cancer or HIV. Some assisted living services also offer specialty services, such as one on one therapy or medication management. Many of these facilities are licensed to treat and help patients with these common problems. Specialty centers, such as skilled nursing facilities, places of care for those who may have either an acute or chronic condition that requires specialized treatment.

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